Delegation is now available in the Concordium Mobile Wallet 🥳

You can now delegate stake to a baker pool or to passive delegation directly from your Android mobile device! (iOS coming shortly).

With the delegation feature, you can stake your CCD with a baker and earn rewards without having to run a baker yourself! There is no minimum amount of CCD that you need to be able to delegate, so any CCD holder will be able to support the operation of the network, and earn CCD from it! :star_struck: What’s not to like?

Follow the below steps:

  1. First, open the Mobile Wallet App and go to the Accounts screen.
  2. Tap on the balance area of the account you want to delegate from or tap More.

Button with More and double-headed arrow

  1. Tap the hamburger menu

Three horizontal lines

and tap Delegation . If you are delegating for the first time, you will see some information about delegation.


  1. Tap Register delegation .

  2. If you want to delegate to a specific pool tap Baker pool and enter the Baker ID of the pool owner. If you are delegating to passive delegation, tap Passive delegation . Tap Continue .

Note: We recommend researching baker pools thoroughly before delegating to a baker or pool. You can do this by using our CCDscan tool.


  1. You can see your balance available to delegate. Enter the Amount you want to delegate in the field. Decide whether you want to restake or not by choosing between the “Yes, restake ” or “No, don’t stake ” option. If you choose not to restake, rewards are deposited to your disposable balance. Tap Continue.


  1. Review the information carefully in the transaction overview. Tap Submit delegation transaction once reviewed.


8.Once the transaction is submitted you see a confirmation screen. Tap Finish to register the delegation.


Once the transaction is finalized, the delegation is effective from the next pay day. You can see the delegation in the account list and on the account card.