Today @optimismPBC announced the $OP token, tokenomics, and airdrop

Let’s try to estimate the $OP token value. How much could it be worth?

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ÖÖ 4:34 · 27 Nis 2022·Twitter Web App

To estimate the $OP token price and the airdrop value: (i) we are going to analyze its tokenomics (ii) we are going to compare it with other protocols and their metrics (iii) we are going to project 3 valuation scenarios. Optimistic (😉), moderate, and pessimistic.

Tokenomics -Airdrop (19%): 5% unlocked right now (Airdrop #1), and 14% later decided and allocated by the DAO. Check your tokens from Airdrop #1:

Tokenomics -Core contributors (the team) (19%) -Seed investors (17%) -Ecosystem fund (25%): the objective is develop the Optimism ecosystem via grants, partnerships, seeds to new protocols. Basically future growth of the ecosystem.


-Retroactive Public Goods Funding (20%)


: “The core principle is simple: it’s easier to agree on what was useful than what will be useful” Basically retroactively reward projects that have already contributed to the ecosys. Did someone say SNX?

Circulating supply Total $OP tokens: 4.29B Initial circulating supply: ~32.5% This is important. Contract:…

Valuating $OP 💸 Right now, Optimism has 483M TVL. This is expected to grow greatly when they launch the token, yield farming campaigns are probably going to start. We should expect this.

Metis and Boba Network are forks of Optimism that do have a token and around 30% circulating supply, like $OP. Metis Market Cap/TVL Ratio is 1.3, and Boba is 3.27. This means that Metis has a lot more “assets under management” relative to its token valuation than Boba.