YGG Partners with Latin America’s Largest Gaming Company, Wildlife Studios, as Castle Crush Integrates NFTs

Yield Guild Games (YGG) has partnered with Wildlife Studios, a leading mobile game developer and publisher, as it incorporates NFTs within Castle Crush, its free-to-play unique strategy game with over 75 million downloads and a playable version for PC currently in development. Players who choose to engage with the Avalanche blockchain layer of the game will coexist with the current player community.

This partnership will enable YGG members to dive into the world of a tower defense style, card collectible game, and experience it in a whole new way with the integration of NFTs, which will give players ownership of the assets and value they generate in-game.

YGG has acquired 500 NFT Founder Cards and 1,500 NFT Ascended Cards worth US$500,000 for the community to participate and play with.

Founder Cards holders will receive greater benefits as early adopters of the game as well as voting rights that enable them to participate in decisions about the game’s treasury and future development plans. These cards will also guarantee priority access to monthly primary sales of Ascended Cards and NFT drops.

Mike Mac-Vicar Prett, co-founder, and CTO at Wildlife Studios, describes Web3 as an opportunity to push the frontiers of how people play, interact and learn. “We’re elated to announce our partnership with YGG as early pioneers and market leaders in this arena,” he says. “We’re confident this strategic partnership will be essential for us as we build and launch new blockchain-enabled experiences, giving more power to players and redefining what’s possible in gaming.”

According to Sarutobi Sasuke, Head of Partnerships at YGG, “Through this partnership, YGG players will be able to battle test Castle Crush with its new blockchain layer and help promote a brand new game economy. Moreover, Wildlife Studios, as a leading game developer in the Web2 space, will present itself as a great bridge for Web2 players to participate in Web3 governance and ownership as an official partner of YGG.”

To be able to earn token rewards, players will need a deck of NFT cards. A minimum of one NFT is necessary to start earning in-game rewards. Players earn Ascension Crystals or $ACS from daily in-game rewards, seasonal rewards, other in-game activities like tournaments, and by selling NFTs. Founder Cards will generate significantly more $ACS tokens than other cards.

$ACS tokens are spent by players to acquire and upgrade cards and to participate in in-game events. The $ACS token will be integrated into the game once the blockchain layer for Castle Crush goes live (estimated May/June 2022).

To win in the game, players must destroy their enemy’s castle while protecting their own. To do so, they use cards in 1v1 real-time (not turn-based) battles, reacting to their opponent’s strategy.

Matches last between one and three minutes and end only with the destruction of either player’s castle.

The battle takes place on three lanes that connect the Castles together. NFT cards are deployed in one of the lanes and take effect immediately where every seven seconds, players receive a new card. Once all cards in a deck have been drawn, the deck is reshuffled so that players don’t run out of card draws.

Castle Crush already has a passionate and loyal player community, with over 200,000 daily active players, 40,000 of whom are playing the game competitively, investing significant amounts of time and resources to compete at the top tiers of the game.

Its game developer, Wildlife Studios, operates games in the casual to mid-core space, having reached over 2 billion downloads across its portfolio of over 60 titles. Founded in Brazil in 2011, the company has established offices in the US, Ireland, and Argentina, supported by a team of 1,300 employees as of early 2022.

For more information on Wildlife Studios, check out their website and Twitter.

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